The following is a guest post from Kristy Hessman from where she is the lead writer.  The site aims to deliver a real estate market place for both renting and selling.  Currently, the site targets the larger markets in the U.S.  She graciously offered to write a post on her personal experience renting from […]

Renting out Rooms maintenance

I’m off to see the world again flying to South Korea and Vietnam. I was home for a little less than month to take care of paper work and to check the “NO” box to the question have you been to any African country in the past 30 days that’s usually mandatory on landing cards […]

The Roommate Search Experiment

by Mike on March 30, 2015

in Finding Roommates

When my roommate in my basement room moved out, I was in Africa and wasn’t home to find a suitable replacement. Instead of having the basement room go empty, I enlisted my other roommate to find a replacement roommate. To add incentive to his search, I offered a 20% commission of the first two month’s […]


by Mike on March 23, 2015

in Living With Roommates

Rental Agreement renting out rooms

I want to annouce a winner for the Amazon Gift Card last week. I selected: Tina’s Comment: Hi Mike! I was in the same situation as you for about a year and a half when I traveled around in Asian. I had my whole house rented out to a group of international students at a […]

Rug Doctor Renting out Rooms

My last post described the condition of one of my spare rooms when a roommate moved out. This roommate left a few stains on the carpet. I was indecisive about whether to replace or clean the carpet and asked for opinions. Obviously, cleaning the carpet would have been cheaper, but the commenters recommended replacing the carpet especially […]


One of my roommates is moving out after renting from me for two years. I’ve had a good run at keeping this room occupied for 78 consecutive months or about 6.5 years(including the two years from the roommate who is moving out). From a live-in landlord’s perspective, this is outstanding, especially when the roommates are […]

The Stuff Roommates Leave Behind

by Mike on February 26, 2015

in Roommate Stories, Updates

The stuff left behind by a roommate

I’m back in my residence in the Northeast welcomed by mounds of snow and an equally sized mound of unopened mail. While I was traveling around Africa, one of my current roommates moved out of the basement room. Normally, I like to be there during the move-in and move-out process to accept or give the […]


by Mike on February 9, 2015

in Updates

The roommate search may be coming to an end. Besides placing an advertisement on craigslist, I asked one of my former colleagues to place an ad on the company’s internal forums. My entrusted roommate, whom I left the roommate search to, received a response from this advertisement. My entrusted roommate showed him the room and […]