What This Blog Isn’t About

by Mike on February 15, 2016

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Renting Out Rooms Blog

I get more e-mails than not from folks asking to advertise their spare room on my blog. An example of said e-mail is as follows: I’m trying to rent out my room and I think I keep getting those fakechecks that you guys are talking about. How do set up a profile on this website? I’m […]

dealing with lock outs

Years ago, I had a roommate who constantly locked himself out of the house. To have this happen once in awhile is acceptable, but a few times in a month is just an inconvenience. So to avoid the hassle of driving home to let him back in, I decided to hide a key. There are […]

Kitchen counter top renting out rooms

There are things in my house that’s taking a beating over the years from the roommates. First is the kitchen counter tops. Kitchen countertops I have a simple and basic laminate counter top, which are prone to damage around the seams. To make matters worse, the counter top is white colored, not an off-white or […]

Bank account bonus

I love receiving rent money via electronic transfers, it’s fast, convenient, and happens like clockworks since most of my roommates have it setup automatically through their banks. So rarely, do I ever have to setup a time to collect cash or a check and run to the bank. A few of my roommates decide to […]

I receive a lot of e-mails asking me for help in finding a roommate. Even though, there’s a time investment to responding to these e-mails, I like to help people out when I can and respond to each one of them. I applaud their resilience in making some extra income and believe it will better […]

I never had a couple as roommates before. The only experience I had was when one of my roommates was in the midst of purchasing a house with his girlfriend. His girlfriend’s lease expired before they could move-in to their house while my roommate was on a month-to-month agreement with me. You can probably guess […]

Years ago before Net Flix or Apple TV was commonplace as a refrigerator in a home, folks would download full-length movies or whole TV series illegally. One of my roommates at the time was just doing that and as a result, my cable Internet provider shutdown my service abruptly. I called and inquired about the […]

The Rooms I Rent Out

by Mike on August 17, 2015

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Large Bedroom renting out rooms

A lot of people e-mail me asking for help renting out their spare room. Besides having a mindset of sharing your personal space with roommates, which I stated in my Quick Start Guide, you’ll need a spare room to rent out. Now every “live-in landlord” I’ve interacted with has a different definition of a spare […]